The Church of God Fellowship (COGF) in Lansing, Michigan is a congregation of believers that is one of the many congregations throughout the world that are part of the church that Jesus Christ built (Matt. 16:18). It is a seventh-day Sabbath observing congregation that believes that the whole Bible (both Old & New Testaments) still is valid today for all Christians.

The COGF shares the purposes of the Church of God, three of which are: 1.) to proclaim, individually and collectively, the good news (gospel) that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will return to earth to establish His Kingdom; 2.) to equip its members for the work of the ministry; and 3.) to edify the members of the body of Christ.



  • Sabbath Services Time Change (7/22/17)
    Sabbath Services Time Change (7/22/17)
    Sabbath services will be held beginning at 11:30am, rather than the normal 1:30pm, for this coming Saturday only, 7/22/17, at our regular Spirit of Christ Church location in Haslett, Michigan. Next week, Sabbath services will return to its normal beginning time of 1:30pm.
  • Feast of Tabernacles Information Posted